Bed Maintenance

Spring and fall clean up is a must to keep a healthy growing environment. Leaves, sticks and debris collect through out the year.  Leave it to us to do the dirty work. 

Bush Trimming and Care

Keeping bushes and shrubs trimmed is very important.  Proper pruning allows adequate sunlight to reach the plant for uniform growing.  Pruning certain plants is also relative to certain times of the year.  We also offer shrub spraying and fertilization programs.

Leaf Removal

There's one thing you can count on, leaves in the fall.  We'll blow them, vacuum and dispose so you can enjoy the lawn before winter hits.

Tree Removal and Pruning

If your tree has hollow spots or is losing large branches, it may be time to remove it.  We remove and dispose trees of most any size. Stump grinding is also available.  

Mole Control

Moles are detrimental to lawns.  They destroy healthy turf grass and feed on grubs and worms.  We offer baiting and trapping methods to help eliminate them.  Let us get your lawn mole free today!

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