Proper grass cutting and fertilization habits are two extremely important routines that can directly affect a lawn.  Cutting your grass too short during hot temperatures can stress your lawn.  High fertilizer application rates can create excessive fungus growth that can harm your lawn.  We have the knowledge and staff to get your lawn where it needs to be.

Lawn Fertilization

A healthy lawn needs more than just water and sunlight.  Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium are the three main ingredients in most bags of fertilizer.  Nitrogen is essential for growth and produces a thick green blade.  A lack of nitrogen can will produce a yellow or off green lawn color. Phosphorous stimulates root growth in plants.  Root growth is most important for those hot, dry summer days when there is a lack of moisture.  A deep root structure can draw moisture from 12” or more below the soil.  Potassium (Potash) strengthens the stem of the plant.  It will help your lawn resist disease and can improve water intake.  We also offer of organic fertilizer upon request.  Our tree spraying service will help to eliminate insects that feed on plants and trees.  This will help to maintain a healthy growing environment.


Weed Spraying

A weed free lawn seems like an impossible task.  It really isn’t as hard as it seems.  A thick, healthy lawn is a weed resistant lawn.  This starts with proper fertilization and watering habits.  We can control everything from dandelions and clover to ground ivy and wild violets.  We also offer pre and post emergent control of crabgrass.  Crabgrass appears in mid spring as the temperature warms.  The key to preventing its growth is applying our pre-emergent herbicide in early spring so the seed will not germinate.  Any germination that does take place can be snuffed out with a liquid post-emergent herbicide.  We also offer complete spring nutsedge control.

Tree and Shrub Healthcare

Tree and shrub maintenance is an important and often overlooked aspect of maintaining a landscape.  We spray for fungus and insects that can harm your plants.  It is also important to properly fertilize plants and shrubs.  Doing this will boast colors and growth adding beauty to your investment. We also offer deep root tree fertilization. 

Lawn Insect Control

Controlling lawn grubs is another way to achieve a healthy lawn.  Lawn grubs, also known as white grubs, are the larva form of several different types of beetles.  They live in the first couple inches of soil and feed on grass roots.  This can be verified by seeing patchy brown spots that can be isolated to certain areas and spread as time goes on.  If you are able to easily remove clumps of grass that do not contain roots, it is possible grubs are destroying your lawn.


Fungus Control

Most people don’t know that lawns contain bacteria and fungi.  In most cases they are harmless but they can present a problem if they get out of hand.  Outbreaks are most common during extended periods that are hot and humid.  High nitrogen contents and heavy watering can put you at an increased risk of fungus growth.   If a lawn fungus is left unchecked, it is possible to lose large patches of your lawn.  We are able to diagnose and stop fungus outbreaks but it is important to catch it as early as possible.


Core Aeration and Seeding

Core aeration is another important key to the healthy lawn equation.  This process removes a core of soil approximately three inches deep by ¾” wide and transfers it to the top of the soil.  Core aeration elevates soil compaction allowing the lawn to breathe.  This promotes disease resistance and provides greater water/nutrient penetration.  Seeding after aeration in fall will thicken your lawn and fill any spots that have died off throughout the year.  It is extremely important to remember proper watering habits.  Water is the greatest influence in seed germination.  We recommend keeping the seed and soil moist, not wet.  When doing this, seed germination can be achieved in only one week. 

Top Dressing

Top dressing a lawn is a great way to improve soil content.  Soil content is another important key to having a healthy lawn.  Our top dressing material is rich in organic matter and acts as a natural fertilizer.  It consists of a fine, rich soil full of composted leaves and plant matter.  It is important to aerate before applying the dressing so the material can reach deeper into the soil.  Other benefits to top dressing include increased water retention, higher resistance to diseases and a stronger root system.  It is also common to seed after top dressing.  Seed germination rates will also increase.


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